Intelligent Services


Intelligent Services

We support the generation of return on investment through the proper use of innovative technologies in combination with existing processes in the organizations of our clients.

We have broad experience and deep understanding of Information Technology Projects for companies from different market segments.

We have proven ability to combine multi vendor teams (managed by us) to fulfill specific Client requirements. We utilise proven technology vendors also with new IT tooling and methods from independent vendors.

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Project management

The design team is managed by certified Project Coordinator. This role is accountable for fulfillment of the project success criteria. The Coordinator supervises the implementation of the plan in a fixed period of time. Gantter tool helps him with this. Moreover, the Customer can verify the progress through schedule available online.

Thanks to this we can offer the Customer a continuous insight into the project status and the current impact on its process.
The tasks of the Coordinator are communication with the Customer and managing requested modifications, reporting and communication within the project.

We select the best methodology to a particular project, we work comfortably in the standard waterfall methodology as well as in the agile approach. This approach allows us to quickly deliver a working solution.

Requirements analysis

Implementation starts from Business Analyst role involvement in order to inventory business requirements and technological needs and opportunities of the Customer. At this stage the Analyst is responsible for gathering functional requirements and non-functional ones in cooperation with the project manager. What is more, its task is to advise the Customer in terms of possible solutions and the merits from them. The project analyst is an expert and a consultant in the field.

At this stage, there is a Record of Requirements, which is shared in the Project Catalogue. From that point, binding design communication is held via available to the project team notes from the meetings. Internal knowledge repository (wiki) is a place in which each participant can develop and provide information necessary for the implementation of the project, such as project status report, outline of architecture or network model.

System analysis

After preparatory work, we perform a detailed analysis supervised by both a business analyst and a system analyst at the same time. In analytical and design works requiring analysis of complex organisation processes together with its structure, a System Analyst creates UML/BPMN models using Eclipse MDT.

Models are available in the form of documents or Wiki pages and kept in a place accessible to the Customer. Analytical tools support both the Customer and our team at every stage of the software development.

Software development

At this stage, the Designer discusses with the Customer on details of a solution in the form of a technical project, with continuous support of a system analyst who is responsible for facilitating the discussion and putting the customer in the substantive issues. After the creation of the Technical Project we start development work.

Developers in our company use the JIRA tool to manage components, tasks, and software versions. All source code is managed in the version control system. The quality of the source code is verified during the review and verification of code made by Designers. Customer Representative has access to the source code, he can also take part in the review of the code.

Software quality and testing

To correctly implement and effectively verify the quality of the software our Testers conduct integrative, productivity and functional tests. What distinguishes our approach to the quality of the software is tests automation in order to obtain repeatability and maximum use of the resources available for testing.

Test resources such as APIs test systems, test messages or internal data structures of test systems are simulated by using SmartBear TestComplete platform.

Maintenance and administration

We provide service support, provision of new versions of software and consulting in the field of development. Our methodology and experience allow for effective and efficient resolution of problems that may arise during the use of the system.

The Customer can count on the professional front line support at any point of the usage. The person on the front line of support is responsible for the current problem-solving assistance and monitoring the status of the software..

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Krzysztof Kopera

Partner, Co-founder

15 years of experience in IT transformation projects for Polish IT/Telecommunication industry. Deep knowledge in Enterprise Architecture, IT Systems Architecture, eTOM, TAM, SID etc.

Lukasz Mogielnicki

Partner, Co-founder

Over 14 years of experience of project management, IT management, application development and maintenence for telecommunication, energy/utilities and financial sectors.

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